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Megha Agarawal
+91 0744-2500249

BFA, Applied Arts
I.C.G., Jaipur, University of Rajasthan

Location: Ahmedabad, Jaipur

Interests: Story Telling, Film & Video Communication, Designing for Children, Interaction Design

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“Who am I? an Indian.”
A documentary film

Guide: Prof. Sumant Rao

This film is an opportunity to the viewer to start the journey both within oneself and through India, to find their Identity as an Indian. Through some metaphors, animation and a series of interviews of over 27 people (from different professions, students, folk-craftsmen and artisans, religious representatives, former prince, politician and government servants, people from archaeological department and many others), the films provokes thoughts like what is India to Indians, apart from her physical and geographical aspects.

What did India represent in the past? How does India fit into modern world? It also touches on the problem of communalism and regionalism and asks whether we really have unity in diversity, or is there mere acceptance of situations. Run Time: 25 minutes